A million unique AI-generated NFTs to defend Ukraine's culture and support its recovery.

Use of funds

We have partnered with the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) to distribute funds raised through #MintForUkraine.

At the start of the war, the KSE Charitable Foundation launched a humanitarian relief campaign to support Ukrainians in need. The KSE Foundation has a 20+ years of charity history with presence in the US and Ukraine. The operating team in Ukraine, together with 30+ volunteers, focuses on the most critical needs and controls their purchase and delivery to Ukraine end-to-end with 0% overhead.

Over 30 companies and 5,000+ individuals have contributed and as of April 7th, KSE has facilitated over $18 million in critical supplies for Ukrainians.

10% of donations through #MintForUkraine are directed to cultural efforts supporting Ukrainian artists and institutions of culture (e.g., museums, galleries) in partnership with the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, local foundations and the First Lady of Ukraine.

1. Provide Ukrainian books to displaced Ukrainian children temporarily living outside of Ukraine

Partner: under the patronage of the First Lady of Ukraine

Native books are a vital element of the lives of Ukrainians who were forced to flee the war. Over 3.5 million people have left Ukraine and fled into neighboring countries, around 2 million among them are children. The first stage is to give every displaced child a personal copy of a Ukrainian book by organizing the publishing and distribution of books for Ukrainian children in the EU on a charitable and volunteer basis.

Funds required: €250K for the printing of the 250 thousand books.

2. Support artists who lost means to stay and work in Ukraine

Partner: Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund

This project is devoted to ensure the preservation and development of Ukrainian culture during the war through provision of one-time financial aid or grants for up to 3 months for cultural workers.

Funds required: $200K to support ~490 artists / cultural workers.

3. Support cultural institutions in Ukraine that were damaged during the invasion

Partner: Ministry of Culture

There are 253 cultural crimes recorded from the start of the war (as of April 25th) – source: https://culturecrimes.mkip.gov.ua – many require restoration of the buildings from the freed territories, relocation of paintings / artefacts of culture to safe locations, operational support.

Funds required: $300K for the first round of support.

90% of donations through #MintForUkraine are directed to humanitarian aid for Ukraine.

1. Supply medical kits that stop severe bleeding after shelling

Partner: KSE Foundation and Ministry of Health

307 thousand medical aid kits needed per Ministry of Health request to KSE Foundation. A fundraising campaign is launched for critical components (Israeli bandages, hemostatic bandages, CAT tourniquets) that will come in 3-5 weeks. Second phase will be directed to purchase 30 thousand kits to satisfy 10% more of the need.

Funds required: immediate need of $1.3M to complete existing medical aid kits + additional $3.8M to purchase 30 thousand more of medical aid kits.

2. Support Kyiv region relief program

Partner: KSE Foundation and Dobrobut hospital network

Initiative is launched to provide medical care and critical supplies (generators, heaters, gas stoves, food) to the affected citizens of the Kyiv region after the invasion. So far, a medical brigade is already circulating around the villages and two batches of supplies are provided.

Funds required: €300K for a mobile medical center and $100K for the next batches of the critical supplies.

#MintForUkraine and KSE will be accepting applications for funding of other projects related to medical care and humanitarian support to citizens of Ukraine, grants for students, scientists and tech communities whose work was disrupted by the invasion. The allocation of funds to specific external projects will be based on a set of criteria (traction, criticality, impact, execution capability).

Further on, the funds will be used for Ukrainian recovery projects. As of April 18th, KSE Institute estimates the value of damaged infrastructure at $85 billion. The Ukrainian Government evaluates that at least $600 billion will be needed to rebuild the country including hundreds of schools, hospitals and thousands of residential buildings that were destroyed.

A Governance Structure with Board of Directors has been established with the help of a leading management consulting firm. Regular audits and public reporting will be ensured.

The team will be publishing the information about the collected donations and their allocation to particular projects on a regular basis.

KSE is led by Ukrainian economist Tymofiy Mylovanov, President of the Kyiv School of Economics, advisor to the Zelensky administration, former Ukrainian Minister of Economy, and Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Pittsburgh.